Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation



Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation is a small business founded in 1994 to perform cutting edge R&D in pulsed plasma technology and to commercialize the resulting products, technologies, and services. Core technologies include the Metal Plasma Thruster (MPT), first developed in collaboration with NASA and JPL in 2005. The MPT operates at a low DC voltage using solid metal fuel and no moving parts. AASC has advanced development of the MPT to allow the current generation of small satellites to conduct missions with newfound flexibility and agility.
President Dr. Mahadevan Krishnan

Dr. Mahadevan Krishnan


Dr. Krishnan has enjoyed the study of plasma physics for 45 years. His Ph.D. thesis in 1976 in the Electrical Propulsion Laboratory of Princeton University was on physical processes in high current hollow cathode arcs in MPD thrusters. Dr. Krishnan founded Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation in 1994 and has developed pulsed power products ranging from electric propulsion for small satellites, anti-coking, superconducting thin films for advanced particle accelerators, supersonic gas jets for laser plasma accelerators to diamond radiation detectors.

Senior Scientist Dr. Katherine Velas

Dr. Katherine Velas

Senior Scientist

Dr. Velas has been working in experimental plasma physics for 12 years and has extensive experience in experimental planning, diagnostic development and data analysis. Her Ph.D. is in plasma physics from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Washington. Dr. Velas joined AASC in 2014 and has led the development of the TRL-5 MPT prototype.